Alcohol-free liqueurs

Alcohol-free liqueurs

Inspired by original renowned liqueurs, this collection is born from the delicate maceration of fruits and plants in white wine vinegar. Each bottle provides a flavorful and refreshing journey for those who choose to abstain from alcohol but never compromise on taste.

"Canadian bar owners say they’re seeing a growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails" Global News reports

The Low & No Masters 2024

Giffard enjoyed a double‐gold result in the Low/No‐Alcohol Liqueur heat.

The first of the two medals were awarded to Giffard Elderflower Alcohol-Free, with “bold elderflower on the nose” and “jammy” taste profile. The second gold was given to Giffard Grapefruit Alcohol-Free, which was found to be a “decent flavour replica”.