Giffard Alcohol-Free Liqueur - Pineapple (700ml | Mix & Match Flavours - groups of 6)

Giffard Alcohol-Free Liqueur - Pineapple (700ml | Mix & Match Flavours - groups of 6)

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Giffard Alcohol-Free Liqueur - Pineapple - 6x700ml

A tropical treasure that adds a touch of paradise to your beverages. Crafted from fresh pineapples and enriched with candied pineapple infusion in white wine vinegar, this syrup captures the vibrant essence of the fruit that Christopher Columbus first encountered in 1493 on the island of Guadeloupe. A symbol of hospitality and friendship in the Caribbean, the pineapple brought its warm symbolism to Europe, adorning the front doors of houses in Spain and England. The word "pineapple" itself is derived from the Amerindian language, naná naná, meaning "perfume of perfumes." Giffard Pineapple is a versatile addition, whether as the star or a supporting role in your cocktails. Just pour 30-50ml of pineapple liqueur into your mix, and witness the transformation into an invigorating, refreshing, gourmet, and sophisticated concoction. Mixologists celebrate it as an essential ingredient for crafting delightful and original cocktails that transport your senses to sunnier climes. Elevate your drinks with the exotic charm of Giffard Pineapple and discover a world of tropical flavors in every sip.

Sold in cases of 6
$27.95 per bottle/case of 6x700ml $167.70

Store in a dry and cool place (25°C)
Shelf life of 18 months/5 months once open
No need to refrigerate