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Giffard Alcohol Free Liqueur - Elderflower (700ml)

Giffard Alcohol Free Liqueur - Elderflower (700ml)

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Giffard Alcohol Free Liqueur - Elderflower - 6x700ml

Made from an infusion of handpicked elderflowers in white wine vinegar, Giffard Elderflower is a tribute to the rich history of elderberry's therapeutic legacy. Harvested in spring, the cream-colored elderflower blossoms are carefully dried and naturally macerated to produce this exceptional ingredient. Add 30-50ml of elderflower liqueur to your cocktail recipe to infuse it with a refreshing floral, spicy, and sophisticated twist. It's no surprise mixologists around the world consider elderflower an essential ingredient for crafting unique and delectable drinks.

Sold in cases of 6
$27.95 per bottle/case of 6x700ml $167.70

Store in a dry and cool place (25°C)
Shelf life of 18 months/5 months once open
No need to refrigerate

Coming March 2024, pre-order now.