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Chamoy Pickles, a Trending Snack

Looking for a new snack to spice up your selection? Rico’s Chamoy flavored pickles are the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, and a little bit of heat. Made with high-quality ingredients and packed with flavor, these pickles are sure to be a hit. The main attraction, Chamoy, is a sweet condiment originating from Mexico. It consists primarily of apricot, plum, mango, chilies, salt and lime juice. The unique flavor can be described as a candy or savory snack, making it a diverse addition to any offerings. The iconic candy recently gained popularity on social media platforms, most notably by foodie pages reviewing the product for their viewers.  The pickles are often combined with other candies, making for some interesting creations...

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Jones Soda catches the eye on any soda tap!

Known for their bold flavors and prominent colors, Jones Soda catches the eye on any soda tap. Created in Vancouver, BC in 1995, Jones Soda quickly gained popularity due to the random images they printed on their labels, soon after, fans started submitting their own photographs in hopes of being featured. Years later the brand is known best for their unique flavor and creative designs.The artisanal soda is typically considered a premium brand, making it a great option for restaurants looking to improve their overall aesthetic and experience. Made with cane sugar and a wide variety of flavors, Jones Soda can help your menu standout both at the bar and in the kitchen. For anyone looking to get started, we’ve...

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Let’s talk Espresso!

    Did you know that LAVAZZA was founded in 1895 and is loved all over the world, even in Space!   Now you can get all five generations of flavour in every cup, every single time with our LAVAZZA capsule program.  No more measuring No more tamping No more mistakes No more mess No extra staff training required  Just a perfect cup of Espresso with the press of a button  An excellent Coffee solution for… Hotels  In-room Coffee  Restaurants  Cafes  Coffee Stands    The best part?    You could qualify for FREE Machine!

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Dry February Idea Giffard Mocktail – Mango Mule

Looking to spice up your mocktail game? Look no further than the Mango Mule! This refreshing and fruity beverage is the perfect choice for a summer party or a relaxing evening at home. To create your own Mango Mule, you'll need:• 2 oz Giffard Mango• 1 oz Lime juice• Ginger beer• Ice Start by filling a tall glass with ice. Add 2 ounces of Giffard Mango and 1 ounce of lime juice. Top the glass off with ginger beer and stir to combine. Garnish with a slice of mango or a sprig of mint for an extra touch of flavor and visual appeal. Not only is the Mango Mule delicious, it's also incredibly easy to make.Whether you're a seasoned mixologist...

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