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Why Choose Donna Italia Pizza?

WHY DONNA ITALIA? Donna Italia's pizza solution eliminates the need for expensive equipment, high labor costs, and time-intensive operations (like dough preparation and ingredient management) just to serve delicious pizza. Investment-Free Solution OPERATIONAL SAVINGS Our pizzas arrive to you ready to bake. You no longer need to manage ingredients or throw money away on food waste. Simply open the package, bake pizza for 3 minutes, and serve. Zero Food Waste We provide you with a pro-active equipment maintenance plan that takes care of all the needed repairs — at no cost to you. Free Equipment Repairs Donna Italia ovens do not require any special electrical infrastructure. Just plug the oven into a regular outlet, and you are ready to serve...

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What is Gelato?

What is GELATO? Although comparable in appearance and texture to Ice Cream, the similarity ends there. Gelato is unique in three distinct ways: 1. Gelato is made from milk (3.25% butterfat) versus cream (10% to 18% butterfat) used to produce ice “cream”. In spite of containing up to 75% less butterfat than ice cream, Gelato maintains a rich, creamy texture. Gelato Sorbet or Sorbetto (most often the fruit flavors), contains NO MILK (less than 1% fat!), making it ideal for those with lactose intolerance to enjoy a smooth velvety frozen dessert! 2. Traditional ice cream has 80% to 100% air injected into the freezing process; by comparison, Gelato has only 30% to 40% air, resulting in a denser, more flavorful...

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WHAT MAKES PERFECT FRY THE BEST OPTION FOR YOUR BUSINESS: 1) No Vents or Hoods Required! Low cost installation! Perfect Fry is perfect for locations that do not allow for the installation of commercial fixed vents, air exchange, filters or fire suppression systems. With built-in filtration and state of the art fire suppression, Perfect Fry is ideal for open mall kiosks, temporary or seasonal locations, portable kitchens, catering, or any limited-space locations. Add up the cost of commercial installation ($10,000 – $25,000 in many cases) and compare. 2) Oderless At Perfect Fry we designed our own air filtration system to remove grease particulates from the exhausted air to a degree that is unmatched by competitors. Made in the same factory...

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