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Giffard Alcohol Free Liqueur - Grapefruit (700ml)

Giffard Alcohol Free Liqueur - Grapefruit (700ml)

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Giffard Alcohol Free Liqueur - Grapefruit - 6x700ml

Introducing Giffard Grapefruit, a vivacious flavor addition to the Giffard family. Meticulously crafted through grapefruit zest maceration in white wine vinegar, this syrup captures the essence of citrus fruit. Discovered by Captain Shaddock in Jamaica around 1800, grapefruit is known for its low-calorie content and rich vitamin profile. So whether it's the star of your cocktail or a harmonious complement, just add 30-50ml of grapefruit liqueur to your mix, and witness the transformation into an invigorating, refreshing, and sophisticated creation.

Sold in cases of 6
$27.95 per bottle/case of 6x700ml $167.70

Store in a dry and cool place (25°C)
Shelf life of 18 months/5 months once open
No need to refrigerate

Coming March 2024, pre-order now.