Roller grill products

Roller grill products

It starts with the equipment. We carry a wide assortment of hot dog steamers, roller grills and carousel-style cookers/warmers to fit every circumstance. Next comes the product, where we feature only the finest:

Harvest brand Wieners and Smokies. Harvest Meats’ fourth generation family tradition has been serving Western Canadians for almost 100 years. Harvest is The Good Taste of the West in every sense, producing quality Wieners and Smokies that are gluten-free, include no MSG, and made with real meat with no animal by-products. You’ll taste the difference after the first bite.

Round out your roller grill program with our tasty Tornados Taquitos, Crispy Taters and Roller Bites.


Nacho Cheese & Chicken Tornados

Cheeseburger RollerBites®: Backyard, home grilled flavor in every juicy bite. Meat lovers rejoice!
home market foods rollerbites cheesy buffalo ranch chicken

Cheesy Buffalo Ranch Chicken RollerBites®: Bold, intense Buffalo flavor and cool Ranch seasoning make this the #1 Best Seller.


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