Giffard Celebrates Double Gold Win and Top 5 Rankings in Low/NoAlcohol Liqueurs

In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage preferences, Giffard, a flagship brand in our lineup, has recently clinched two significant victories that underscore its commitment to quality and innovation.

We are thrilled to announce that Giffard has secured a prestigious double-gold result in the Low/No-Alcohol Liqueur category at The Low & No Masters 2024 competition. Additionally, Giffard has proudly earned a spot among the top five best-selling liqueurs of 2024, according to Drinks International.

Giffard's dedication to crafting exquisite non-alcoholic alternatives has been recognized with not one but two gold medals in the Low/No-Alcohol Liqueur heat. The first distinction was taken by Giffard Elderflower, praised for its "bold elderflower on the nose" and a "jammy" taste profile. The other gold was taken by Giffard Grapefruit, celebrated as a "decent flavour replica." These awards not only highlight the superior quality of Giffard's offerings but also affirm its dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavour in the low/no-alcohol beverage market. As consumers increasingly adopt mindful drinking habits, the demand for high-quality low/no-alcohol options has surged. Giffard has positioned itself as a trailblazer in this movement, providing sophisticated alternatives that cater to the growing preference for moderation.

In yet another triumph, Giffard has secured a coveted spot among the top five best-selling liqueurs of 2024. This recognition not only reaffirms Giffard's position as a market leader but also reflects the brand's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products that resonate with consumers globally.

With the trend of drinking less gaining momentum, Giffard stands out as the preferred choice for restaurants aiming to offer enticing alcohol-free cocktails. The brand's diverse range of alcohol-free options, including the award-winning Elderflower and Grapefruit variants, empowers establishments to craft sophisticated and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages that cater to a broad audience.

As Giffard continues to make waves in the beverage industry, we are proud to represent a brand that not only embraces innovation but also aligns with the evolving preferences of today's consumers. Giffard's success underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional products and anticipating the changing landscape of the beverage market.

Cheers to Giffard for setting new standards in the world of low/no-alcohol liqueurs.

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