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#W7216 WIDE WAFFLE CONE 9x24 per case - Not For Online Sale - Contact us for quote

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Not For Online Sale - Contact us for quote

Joy cones taste and quality is superior to all others. Unique baking formulas sets us apart from our competitors.

  • High grade blend of cake and pastry flours vs straight pastry flour
  • Dark brown sugar vs white sugar plus molasses
  • Sweeter taste
  • Molasses occurs naturally in brown sugar
  • Less shortening
  •  * Shortening reduces shelf life and causes cone to lose fresh taste/smell       *Shortening causes fragility
  • Fiber
  •  * Dramatically increases strength & reduces breakage

Joy waffle cones are the strongest and best tasting waffle cones in the market. In addition, our waffle cones are designed for better portion control. This is due to the sharper angle of our cones which causes a higher portion of the serving to be prominently visible.

* Packed 9x24 per case