Cretors Popit N' Topit-
Cretors Popit N' Topit-

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Layer the topping, no problem!!! Decrease transaction times in busy locations! Most great ideas come from our front-line workers. When a theatre manager asked if we could build a topper inside a popper we said, sure and the Popit N' Topit was born! Add this patented feature option to your next new popper order.

This BIB topper gets built right into our floor model popcorn cabinets! The BIB shelf is built into the popper base and the dispensing head fits into the cabinet's corner. It is triggered by using a hands-free push bar to dispense the topping. Simply fill the bucket with fresh popcorn, press the hands-free push bar to deliver the topping and continue to fill the bucket to desired capacity. Top off the popcorn with another push of the bar, and you are done in one easy step. Reduce transaction time, prevent spills and drips, and maximize counter space!