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Lots of storage yet not too tall! Complete your nacho equipment line with the Mas Grande Cornditioner chip cabinet. Our exclusive circulating air Cornditioner cabinet technology, originally developed for keeping popcorn dry and crisp, has been adapted and designed into our nacho chip cabinets.

The Cretors Cornditioner system consists of a recirculating air blower that draws air from the top of the cabinet, which is warmed and blown to the bottom of the cabinet through air ducts. The recirculating air maintains a uniform temperature that keeps chips fresh and crisp. The all welded stainless-steel cabinet design is durable and easy to clean. Four adjustable, heavy gauge wire racks means that different shapes and sizes of product packaging can be accommodated. Two lift-off Vyvak doors provide easy access inside the cabinet. Internal lighting showcases the product freshness. A back lit sign draws attention to fresh product offerings. Ask about our pass thru option or adjustable racks to slant for pastries!

Standard Features  Custom Features
Welded stainless-steel construction Pass-Thru
Four adjustable wire racks  
Lift-off Vyvak doors   
Internal lights