Cretors Hot Dog Grill 36-
Cretors Hot Dog Grill 36-
Cretors Hot Dog Grill 36-

Cretors Hot Dog Grill 36 -Item#HD36AF-CA - Call us for pricing

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Serve the perfect hot dog all day long! Discover how easy it can be to cook and serve hot dogs from our state-of-the-art HD36 Hot Dog Grill. Features such as Warm/Hold operation, a lift-off grill rack and digital temperature controls simplify your cooking and serving experience and ensure top quality.

The Cretors patented stainless-steel hot dog grill design includes a center drive shaft that reduces the number of moving parts from as many as 13 to 2, ensuring longer motor life and allowing full rotation of the product on the grill. The stainless-steel cooking surface has an aluminum heat plate underneath that evenly distributes heat. Visual digital temperature controls allow for precise temperature setting, and clear visual temperature display. This grill cooks up to 36 hot dogs at once (5 hot dogs per pound). It takes approximately 10-12 minutes to cook thawed product, 30 minutes to cook frozen product. Two digital temperature controllers with visual display ensure accurate temperature settings and readings. Two separate heat zones enable user to cook on one side and warm on the other. The Warm/Hold feature avoids overcooking the product.

The moving grill provides complete product rotation on heat plate. Our exclusive design is more reliable with fewer parts needed for operation than other moving rack or roller-style grills. The superior heating eliminates cold spots in food product. The lift-off grill makes it easy to maintain, clean and reduces labor. The grill rack is dishwasher safe. A grease trap easily collects grease during the cooking process, allowing sausages to be cooked with out the mess. Matching bun warmer and sneeze guard available.

Key Features Custom Features
Two digital temperature controls Sneeze guards
Warm/hold feature Hold/warm switch
Lift off grill Corn dog rack
Grill rack dishwasher safe Stackable rack
Stainless-steel cook surface  
Aluminum heat plate  
Grease trap  
Two heat zones