Cretors Grab N' Go Cornditioner -Glass doors on front and back-
Cretors Grab N' Go Cornditioner -Glass doors on front and back-

Cretors Grab N' Go Cornditioner -Glass doors on front and back -Item#GBGH1C1GG-X - Call us for pricing

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Complete your popcorn production system with Grab N'Go Cornditioner popcorn cabinet. Many times concession areas require warming capabilities and/or added snack and popcorn storage. Have your online orders ready for pickup while reducing your transaction time. Our tallest cornditioner cabinet to date, the Grab N' Go Cornditioner is flexible in both design and function. At 6 1/2 feet tall with 28 cubic feet of interior space, this self serve warmer provides a great deal of vertical storage and is ideal for behind-the-counter or self-serve applications.

The exclusive Cretors Cornditioner system consists of a recirculating air blower that draws air from the top of the cabinet, which is warmed and blown to the bottom of the cabinet through air ducts. The recirculating air maintains a uniform temperature that keeps popcorn fresh and crisp. The Grab N' Go Cornditioner cabinet has glass doors on both the front and back of the machine. It's great for snacks including popcorn, nacho chips, and other crispy treats.

Dual air ducts keep product fresh and crisp with warmed recirculating air. Adjustable digital temperature control ensures exact temperature settings with a maximum setting of 185°F (85°C). Fast recovery time with recirculating air system means that the temperature is quickly restored after the doors are closed. Soft-closing doors are quiet and gently close after being left to close. Interior LED lights provide bright product illumination. 5 adjustable wire racks means that different shapes and sizes of product packaging can be accommodated. Small rollers on bottom of cabinet make it easy to roll the cabinet to other locations.

Standard Features
Stainless-steel construction
Dual air ducts
Adjustable digital temperature control
Fast recover time and temperature is quickly restored after door are closed with reciruclating air system
Soft closing doors
Interior LED lights
5 adjustable wire racks
Casters for easy mobility


Voltage: 120/208V/1/60HZ

Watts: 2850

Plug: NEMA 6-20