Cretors CMD 50 Caramelizer and 60 oz. Giant Popper on 7' Table-

Cretors CMD 50 Caramelizer and 60 oz. Giant Popper on 7' Table -Item#CMD50DL-CI-PP & EG60D1D-R-X-PP & TGSXX-X-PP - Call us for pricing

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CMD Cooker and Coater Combine the CMD 50 Caramelizer with the 60 oz Giant Popper to create an easy to use caramel corn production plant.

Electric Pedestal poppers Capacity: The popper will produce up to 1,200 small one ounce serving bags per hour (60 one ounce serving bags per popping cycle)

Built with Cretors Exclusive One-Piece Kettle design with Direct Oil Feed, our ingenuity sets us apart. Our distinct kettle design addresses several issues found in the field with Cretors exclusive solutions. The Direct inject oil feed delivers oil directly inside the kettle, preventing messy exterior oil drips and spills. The kettle cover comes apart easily with tab and pin design for easy cleaning. The welded raised pan center prevents oil leakage into the motor. Other features include a digital readout that ensures accurate temperature settings and readings, lighted rocker switches and cycling pilot light.

The Cretors CMD 50 Cooker and Coater has an all in one design that will melt, coat and mix 10 lbs of savory or caramel flavor product per batch

Capacity: 50 lbs per hour

Our original two mixing baffle design improve the coating process and efficiency, providing a well coated product. An aluminum heat plate is used for optimal heat control while eliminating hot spots. An adjustable digital display and control is designed for precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature. An audible alarm indicates when temperature is reached. Stainless steel mixing bowl, agitator blade and pedestal make it durable and easy to clean. Our 6 ft. Twin Knock Down Table has two shelves for installation of either two pedestal poppers or combination pedestal popper and CMD 50 Cooker and Coater. Other key features include rust-proof stainless steel construction and a 50 lb corn bin.

Key CMD 50 Feature Key Table Features
Combination cooker and mixer prepares a variety of caramel coatings Stainless-steel construction
Stainless-steel mixing bowl, agitator blade and pedestal Accepts both electric and gas poppers
Exclusive large mixing baffles improve coating process and efficiency 50 lb corn drawer
Adjustable digital temperature controller provides precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature  
Audio alarm signals when temperature is reached  
Install on a table along with a Giant popper or Poppi to create a custom popping plant  
Key 60 oz Giant Features  
One-piece kettle design  
Direct oil feed (60 oz Giant only)  
Direct drive motor  
Stainless-steel pedestal  
Digital temperature controller (60 oz only)  
Controlls located on pedestal for efficient operation  


Dimensions:33.50"D x 83.50"W x 62.50"H

Ship Weight: 500 lb

Voltage: 120/208V/1/60HZ -- 120/240V/1/60HZ available

Watts: Caramelizer 3500 & Popper 6800

Plug:Caramelizer NEMA 14-50 & Popper NEMA L14-30