Cretors Caramel Mix - 12 x 2lb bags per case-

Cretors Caramel Mix - 12 x 2lb bags per case -Item#519800

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Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the formulation of Cretors Signature Caramel Corn Mix. Carefully blended and strict quality control ensure that every bag is consistent in color and flavor. The candy coating is crisp and delightfully sweet. Start with the Original Cretors Family caramel recipe, and enhance it with additional ingredients to create your own special caramel corn product. Easy to use one-step process for delicious caramel corn every time Our Caramel mix is sealed in premeasured packages. Just open the bag, pour the contents into the Cretors Caramelizer, add water and heat. The caramel mix is ready for pre-popped popcorn to be added. 12 bags per case. 42oz.