Cretors 20oz Electric Giant Pedestal Popper On 6' Knockdown Table-

Cretors 20oz Electric Giant Pedestal Popper On 6' Knockdown Table -Item#EG20D1D-R-X-PP & GSXX-CCR-PP - Call us for pricing

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If high volume backroom production is what you need, simply install the pedestal kettle onto one of our knockdown tables. Expand your product line to include savory, as well as candy and caramel-coated popcorn. It's not just how much corn you pop, it's how well you pop it. That's the philosophy behind our high-volume Giant Poppers, which let you pop anywhere from a small amount to a mountain of popcorn. These Cretors poppers are designed as compatible components in your production system. Designed to operate efficiently behind the scenes or up front, they're ideal for theaters, shopping malls, stadiums and arenas.

Capacity: This machine will produce up to 400 small one ounce serving bags per hour (20 one ounce serving bags per popping cycle)

The 20 oz. Electric Giant Pedestal popper features Cretors Exclusive One-Piece Kettle design with Direct Oil Feed. Our ingenuity sets us apart. Our distinct kettle design addresses several issues found in the field with Cretors exclusive solutions. The Direct inject oil feed delivers oil directly inside the kettle, preventing messy exterior oil drips and spills. The kettle cover comes apart easily with tab and pin design for easy cleaning. The welded raised pan center prevents oil leakage into the motor. Other features include a digital readout that ensures accurate temperature settings and readings, lighted rocker switches and cycling pilot light. The 6 ft. Knock Down Table has a large storage space for increased popcorn production. It has one shelf for installation of one pedestal popper. A second shelf and popper or caramelizer can always be added later. Other key features include rust-proof stainless steel construction and a 50 lb corn bin and a pump caddy shelf. Includes choice of free oil pump , Bag In Box or Pail.

Key Pedestal Popper Features Key Table Features
One-piece kettle design Stainless-steel construction
Direct oil feed (60 oz kettle only) Accepts both electric and gas poppers
Direct motor drive 50 lb corn drawer
Stainless-steel pedestal  
Digital controller (60 oz kettle only)  
Controls located on pedestal for efficient operation  
Available in left hand or right hand dump  



Watts: 3800

Plug: NEMA L14-30