Antique Red T-3000/T-3000 Plus/Trilogy Two-Wheel Wagon-

Antique Red T-3000/T-3000 Plus/Trilogy Two-Wheel Wagon -Item#T3WS-X - Call us for pricing

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Charmingly reminiscent of Cretors wagons and poppers from over 100 years ago, you can combine one of our wagon bases with either the standard or antique small concession poppers. Compliment the Standard and Antique T-3000, Standard T-3000 Plus, Antique T-3000 Plus, and Trilogy poppers with this wagon. Not only do our bases increase versatility and mobility when strategically placed, our poppers become easy to spot and work hard to increase sales. They are ideal for locations where the counter model popper is not practical or a small floor model with mobility is needed. Stainless steel construction with red powder coating is durable and resists scratching.

Dimensions:28.00"D x 44.50"W x 32.00"H

Shipping Weight: 109 lb