Why Choose Donna Italia Pizza?

Donna Italia Pizza


Donna Italia's pizza solution eliminates the need for expensive equipment, high labor costs, and time-intensive operations (like dough preparation and ingredient management) just to serve delicious pizza.
Investment-Free Solution


Our pizzas arrive to you ready to bake. You no longer need to manage ingredients or throw money away on food waste. Simply open the package, bake pizza for 3 minutes, and serve.
Zero Food Waste
We provide you with a pro-active equipment maintenance plan that takes care of all the needed repairs — at no cost to you.
Free Equipment Repairs
Donna Italia ovens do not require any special electrical infrastructure. Just plug the oven into a regular outlet, and you are ready to serve an Italian style pizza.
Simple Set-Up
Our ovens require only a small countertop space, leaving room for your other equipment.
Small Footprint Design
Donna Italia's pizza/oven solution is exceptionally easy to operate. Anyone on your staff can bake a perfect pizza every time — without specialized training.
Use Your Current Staff
Donna Italia gives you an all-in-one pizza solution. When you subscribe to one of our monthly plans, you will receive everything you need to start serving delicious, 100% natural Italian-style pizzas—as early as the next day.
Turnkey Implementation


Because of Donna Italia's proprietary pizza recipe and special oven technology, it only takes 3 minutes to bake our delicious pizzas.
Ready to Serve in 3 Minutes
Our ovens arrive with locked settings for Donna Italia pizzas, preventing accidental changes and ensuring simple operation. The ovens feature an easy-to-use control panel and a pizza-ready alarm, adding simplicity and speed to your operation.
Mistake-Proof Operation
Donna Italia's portable ovens work without a hood and offer ventless operation. They can be placed directly on a countertop making it possible to bake and serve pizza in pretty much all the food outlets on your property.
Operational Flexibility
Donna Italia invested in years of R & D to develop our proprietary recipe and fine tune our stone oven technology in order to bring you premium tasting, wood-fired, 100% natural Italian style pizza — ready to serve in only 3 minutes.


Best of all, with Donna Italia, you can rest assured that your pizza will taste and look the same at all your locations, consistently meeting your customers' expectations.
To deliver the authentic taste of Italian pizza, we use only the finest ingredients grown in Italy like a special mix of premium Italian type 1 flour, 100% Mozzarella cheese, fresh garlic, and 100% Pulpa Rustica cold-pressed tomato sauce. Donna Italia pizzas are 100% natural and free from preservatives, baking enhancers, or added sugar.
100% Natural Italian Ingredients


We allow our highly hydrated dough to rest for 24 hours. This slow fermentation method extracts more flavor resulting in a tastier, thinner crust that still rises while baking.
Slow Fermentation (for Better Tasting Pizza)
Donna Italia pizzas are wood-fired to give them an irresistibly authentic Italian taste. The wood smoke is one of the reasons for the incomparable taste and flavor of Donna Italia's pizzas.
Authentic Italian Taste
Donna Italia designs and manufactures all of its products in Italy, the country known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality.
Made in Italy