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Gelato Ice Cream


Enjoy Gelato Profits


Harlan’s is the exclusive distributor for Aromitalia and MEC3 gelato ingredients. We carry a full line of paper gelato cups, bio-degradable cups, spoons, liners and take-out containers for your gelato business.


Gelato….we have you covered

Whether you already operate a Gelateria or wish to add gelato to your existing company, or if your dream is to start your own gelato business, we have you covered. The three most important factors in producing true artisanal gelato begins with the right equipment, in harmonious partnership with the finest product, craft fully blended and created through qualified training. And in all three cases, we have you covered.


We are proud to represent the following gelato brands. Please contact us to find you the right solution today!

1. Equipment:

When it comes to the technical science of making gelato, Italian manufacturers surpass all others, for after all, it was the Italians who invented gelato. Harlan’s is proud to represent the finest gelato equipment in the world. We are appointed distributors for Carpigiani, Cattabriga and Compacta batch freezers and pasteurizers and Sevel display cases. These companies are leaders in technology and reliability. Making true gelato starts with the right equipment and we have you covered.

2. Product:

Gelato ingredients are comprised of base mix powders, flavor pastes or fruit purees, blended with sugar and mixed with milk or water. Compromising on the quality of your primary ingredients only serves to diminish the quality and shelf life of the finished product. For these reasons, Harlan’s proudly represents Aromitalia and MEC3, two of the finest gelato ingredients companies in the world. For authentic and delicious gelato without compromise, we have you covered.

3. Training:

Once you have selected the right equipment and finest product, now what? Harlan’s is not your typical equipment or product distributor. We understand that the most crucial aspect in the art and science of gelato is the knowledge and grasp of how to produce it properly; equipment and product get you only halfway. We employ a fully trained and qualified gelato specialist / technician who take the time to train you in the proper operation of the equipment and more critically, how to make artisanal gelato. He has over 15 years’ experience in this field. Jose Carvalho is a gelato master and former gelato business owner who can comfortably train in any of four languages (English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese). Training can be done in one of our centers or in your business location; what is equally important is that once you have been trained, we are a phone call or visit away whenever you require assistance or tips. In other words, we have you covered!